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Heritage Oils

Extremely Limited Stock Available - Discontinuing for the 2018 Catalog

Blue Velvet non-detergent motor oils blended from high quality group I and group II base stocks faithfully reproduce the premium-grade motor oils that became available in the early 1930’s. They contained the first solvent refined base oils for greater clarity and less sludge-forming deposits plus the first oxidation inhibitors (ZDDP) to further reduce sludging and rust inhibitors to reduce engine parts corrosion. Blue Velvet oils are blended from the same solvent refined base stocks, further clarified with modern hydrotreating processes. The oxidation inhibitor/anti-rust additives retain the Type SB concentrations for a high quality motor oil that offers complete protection, superior lubricity and excellent resistance to sludging and viscosity degradation. Intended for use in all vintage engines, especially low oil pressure engines with, or without dippers on the connecting rods. The old practice of changing oil every 500 to 1000 miles is recommended when using Blue Velvet non-detergent oils.

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