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***NEW*** ***In stock and ready to ship!*** Magneto Drive Coupling Available now is this coupling that allows you to time a magneto infinitely. The center of the hub comes with a 1/2" bore to be adapted to your application. The dog drive on the front side fits a standard magneto impulse drive adapter. There is a worm gear inside that is adjusted by the two hex-drive shoulder bolts at the top. The hub is then clamped and locked in position by the socket head cap screw at the bottom. This coupling allows you to time a magneto with a timing light and adjust as you see fit. The body is 2-1/2" diameter and measures 11/16" face to face, the hub protrudes 5/16". Made in the USA of brass, bronze and stainless steel.

Hub Modification: Ensure the locking screw in the body is loosened. Remove the two flat head screws from the cover. Remove the hub from the body. The hub is 1-1/4" in diameter. When boring the hub, do not hold the hub by the gear! Most vehicles require a keyway cut in the hub and a setscrew to lock it in place. Ensure the set screw hole is close enough to the end of the hub that the screw is accessible when the coupling is assembled. A locking set screw (socket jam screw) is recommended. Reassemble cover to body with two flat head screws.
Once the bore fits your output shaft, mount your magneto and align the coupling. Time the magneto as you normally would. You adjust the coupling by unlocking the bottom screw and rotating the top shoulder screws to the desired position. Once you adjust the coupling to the desired position, ensure you lock the body to the hub using the bottom locking screw.

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